Friday, 9 August 2019

RanestRane Weekend 8th and 9th of May 2020 Cervia

RanestRane announced the dates for the RanestRane weekend 2020 in Cervia.

The RanestRane Weekend will be in Cervia (Italy) on the 8th and 9th of May 2020

More info available soon.
Meanwhile, save the date and enjoy an excerpt of what happened last year :-)

Link: RanestRane Weekend

New projects!

RanestRane reveiled their secrets to Whiskey Soda magazine during the Night of the Prog Festival which can be found here

**We wrote new music and dealt with a very well known war movie. May we betray that? "

Whiskey soda is one of the first magazines to tell you something about the new RanestRane projects. The well-known war film is of course Francis Ford Coppola's Vietnam masterpiece "Apocalypse Now". The film from the 70s came later in an extended "Redux version" again in the movie theaters and was recently brought to a new anniversary edition as a so-called "Final Cut" with improved image and sound quality again in selected cinemas. Martin Sheen's cinematic journey into the jungle and the abysmal madness of the war is therefore the new inspiration for the Italians, and one can be very excited about the result.

But that's not all. The creative musicians have another secret in their hands. "We are currently working on another project. It will be a 'CineConcert' that deals with the Alan Parker adaptation of Pink Floyd's 'The Wall'. Now we have revealed two secrets. We will interpret the Pink Floyd music and use our own music for the parts in the film that are so far without music. "Again, the music will be perfectly synchronized to the film.**

RanestRane at the Night of the Prog Loreley

Hi all!

RanestRane joined the madness at the Night of the Prog festival XIV in Loreley Germany on the 21st of July and they rocked the show!

An interview by Whiskey Soda Magazine can be found here: interview **unfortunately written in German language**

A lovely footage of the concert:

Some lovely photo's of the gig

Photo credits Valter Boati, Gerianne Brenters and Bodo Kubatzki


Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Starchild available worldwide

The new album Starchild which is the final part of the trilogy 'A Space Odyssey' is now available at the RanestRane official store

RanestRane Starchild video

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

RanestRane Weekend May 2018

The first RanestRane Weekend will take place on 4th-6th May 2018 in Cervia (Italy)


* The weekend will be a very special occasion to celebrate our 20th Anniversary
* We will release Starchild the last part of our ''A Space Odyssey''
* We will play the entire ''A Space Odyssey''. Oh yes, Monolith + H.A.L + Starchild in the same show!

If this is not enough:

* One night will be dedicated to Nosferatu and Shining
* The event ticket includes accommodation at the Hotel Rudy - Cervia
* Cervia is a great place to discover: 9 kilometers of beach, a pinewood, tasty food and lovely people

We have a deal with the wonderful Anna and Giorgio to accommodate people in the hotel, located directly on the beach of Cervia, nearby the amazing pine forest of Pinarella


By clicking on the tickets link you will be redirected to the hotel Rudy's website, where you can check availability, prices, terms and conditions of the booking. Hotel Rudy will manage the payment for the event.


The price INCLUDES Friday and Saturday gigs + accomodation in a b&b at the Hotel Rudy

You will NOT receive any e-ticket
You will pick up the ticket after the check-in at the hotel Rudy

Hotel Rudy only has double / twins, triple and quadruple rooms available. Please consider sharing a room to let more people join the weekend.


DAY ONE: Friday 4th of May

Doors open: to be confirmed
Setlist: Nosferatu and Shining

DAY TWO: Saturday 5th of May

Doors open: to be confirmed
Setlist: ''A Space Odyssey i it's entirely, Monolith, H.A.L and Starchild

More info about Cervia and the venue will follow! Meanwhile, if you have any enquiries, please contact

See you in Cervia!

Saturday, 23 September 2017

Behind the scenes of Starchild

It has been a while, but we have much news to share with you in the upcoming weeks! So keep an eye on our site!

We made a little trip to Rome, a lovely city with much history, many lovely monuments and fontains, restaurants and small bars, narrow streets and many vespa's, and besides all that: great food and beautiful friendly people! In Rome you can get much inspiration for any type of art and so we discovered more and more about the influences of RanestRane.

Once arrived in Rome, we received an invitation of the band to visit them at the studio, to enjoy a mini rehearsal, being behind the scenes of the making of their new baby Starchild.
Ofcourse we want to share this with you.

Starchild, the third and final part of the trilogy A Space Odyssey. We only heard a small part of this album, the final part, a raw piece of music which is still under construction.

With a cup of coffee we watched the final part of the movie and heard a beautiful piece of music. Most likely Starchild will contain a lot of guitarsound. Massimo is the main person on this part, this because there is a lot of space for guitar if we look at the movie, not many scene switching, which gives him space to make longer guitarsolos's painted with the sounds of the keyboards of Riccardo. Daniele and Maurizio will make the dramatic sounds with the drums and bass which gives a result: A heavy rockpart!

**Please note** Many things can be changed, perhaps several times, it's all in the making (!) 

RanestRane is more than just a band, it's a friendship, a family! The boys are open minded, discuss a lot with each other and above that, they are an inspiration for each other which we felt when we were at their studio, much harmony. RanestRane are proud of their art! Walls are filled with movie posters, tourphoto's and tourpasses, memories of their travels. We are so thankfull for have been at their home, the place where all the beauty have been made and where more beauty will be written.

Grazie mille RanestRane for your time, the laughter, the inspiration, and your kindness! We are looking forward to Starchild! 

Monday, 5 June 2017

A lovely journey before summer arrives

The boys has almost finished their tour before summerbreak will start and we would like to share some photo's of their journey through Sweden, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Italy. Our photographers did their best to give you the best impression of what is happening on stage.

Our photographers:

Roberto Scorta
Emanuela di Stefano
Valter Boati 
Catia de Cicco
Lilian Boomsema

and Fans for their reports on Facebook groups <3 

Reviews can be found here:

Brothers Roel and Henri made video's of the gig in the Netherlands 

Ofcourse we would love to receive your photo's, reviews, quicksnaps, ideas and other RanestRane related creations. Feel free to share them with us all.

Thank you all for your support and friendship <3