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RanestRane the Band


RanestRane are an Italian progressive rock band formed in Rome in 1998.

Their speciality is writing concept albums which take inspiration from art films such as "Nosferatu the Vampyre" by W. Herzog and "The Shining" by Stanley Kubrick. The band composes a new musical soundtrack closely following the scenes of the movie, and the result has been called "Cine-concert”, making their live shows a quite unique experience.

In 2012, the band performed with Steve Rothery during the annual “The Web Italy” Convention on a couple of classics from Marillion’s catalogue. This occasion gave birth to the idea of a musical collaboration for Ranestrane’s new album which is based on Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece “2001: A Space Odyssey”. Steve Rothery contributes solo and atmospheric guitars on the tracks Materna Luna and Monolith (Part two). Steve Hogarth also joined the project writing both lyrics and vocal melodies for the songs Mementoes and Cenotaph.

In November 2013, RanestRane released “A Space Odyssey - part one – Monolith”, with a special guest appearances by Steven Rothery and Steve Hogarth. This is the first part of a trilogy. 

On February 5 2015 they released on DVD&CD the new LIVE ALBUM "Monolith in Rome - A Space Odyssey Live", filmed and recorded in Rome at Crossroads Live Club, featuring Steve Rothery.

Daniele Pomo

* Lead vocals, drums

Daniele has collaborated with numerous artists pop-rock as: Dionne Warwick, Graham Nash, Marillion's Steven Rothery and Steve Hogarth, Ron, Patty Pravo, Mariella Nava, Tosca, Mietta, Depeche Mode, Franco Fasano, Corona, Silvia Salemi, Reversal Of Medal, . And 'group leader RanestRane with whom he released three CDs ("Nosferatu the Vampire" - "Shining" - "A Space Odyssey") In 2013, with guitarist Enzo Life, as Artistic Director, reform the historical group "The Backhand Medal "with which performs the work" Contamination of the well-Tempered Clavier by JS Bach "(written and arranged in 1973 by Maestro Luis Enriquez Bacalov together with the group) in a series of concerts in Italy and abroad taking part among other things, the important annual festival "The Italian Progressive Music" in Tokyo (Japan) at the Auditoriom Clubcittà of Kawasaki (April 2013).

Batteria Premier Gen-X 22-8-10-12-14-16
Batteria Premier Classic 22-10-12-14
Batteria Premier Signia Marquis 22-10-12-14-16
Rullante Premier Signia Marquis14x5
Rullante Premier Modern Classic Gen-x 14x5 1/2
Piatti Meinl serie Byzance-Sound Caster-MB 10
Pelli Evans mod. E-mad-G1-G2-Power Center Reverse
Bacchette, battenti e spazzole Vater 5B Model
Supporti Elettronici D-Drum AT-Roland Hand Sonic
Microfoni Audix D2-D3-D4-AKG C1000, K141-AKG 414
Microfono per voce AKG

Massimo Pomo

* Lead guitar

Electric guitars:
Fender Stratocaster Sunburster 1968
Fender Stratocaster Custom Shop  Relic ’56 Vintage Blonde
Fender Strat Candy Apple 1982
Fender Telecaster Natural 1966
Gibson Les Paul 58 Vos Cherry Sunburst 2010
Flame Stratocaster Candy Apple
Rickenbacker 360 Natural

Acustic guitars:
Martin 00028 Eric Clapton Signature
Taylor 410 CE

Classic guitar:
Trovador – Juan Estruch Barcellona 1982

Fender Deluxe Reverb Amp Reissue ‘65
Fender Hot Rod Deluxe - USA
Marshall 1987X MKII Reissue
Marshall 1936Vintage 2x12

Costalab Dual Buffer
Costalab DualDrive
Costalab Natural Drive
Costalab Custom Muff
Proco Rat – modified Costalab
Ibanez TS9 Reissue – modified Costalab
Boss SD1 Japan
Fulltone Fulldrive 2
Jim Dunlop Wha wha Cry Baby Jimi Hendrix
Fulltone Supa-Trem
Fulltone Deja Vibe
Ibanez Chorus CS9
Strymon Timeline Delay
Empress Superdelay Vintage modified
Ernie Ball Volume pedal

Riccardo Romano

* Keyboards, backing vocals

Riccardo is the keyboarder of RanestRane and The Steve Rothery Band.
He's a multi-instrumentalist musician. 
He plays keyboards (piano, Hammond organ, harmonium, synthesizer, programming), guitars, mandolin, bouzouki, bass guitar, voice ...
He is a composer, author, sound engineer and arranger.
He writes poetry

Nord Stage 2
Motif xs6
Access Virus TI
Combo Organ Clavia Nord C1
Minimoog Voyager

Expander Roland jv1080
Expander Micropiano Kurweil
Harmonium DMS-18Regular
Pianoforte acustico verticale Hermann
Line mixer Roland M120
Pc Sony vgn-nr11s
Protools software

Maurizio Meo

* Bas

Maurizio shows as a young boy a real attitude towards music, participating in singing competitions and began studying classical piano. He approaches his instrument, the electric bass at the age of 14 years. Self-taught, versatile, with a passion for rock music, although in his repertoire and his career have accumulated and mixed many different sounds.
Today he teaches both privately and at the German School of Rome; It is part of the artistic direction and teaches seminars and workshops of the Festival "The Art of the meeting", sponsored by the region Trentino Alto Adige

He has collaborated with numerous artists:
Bungaro, Marco Bellotti Wrath Tears Crown, Lips, Delgado, Jean Michael Byron (Toto), Piero Brega, Simona Bencini, Franco Fasano, Jacopo Troiani, Manuela Zanier ...

In recent years he has worked with numerous cover bands; becomes part of Alan Soul & Alanselzer Julius Todrani and is an integral part of the Frog Bop

His activities as a professional begins in the late 80s with collaborations with New Fonit Cetra for creating soundtracks Rai both as an author and as a musician. He recorded his first album with KoxPhidea (progressive rock); at the same time he is collaborating with Tukiena. In 98 creates a project of original music from the sounds and funky drum & bass, the Unicomodo collaborates as musician and author in the disk of EZRA
For ten years, also it is valuable collaborator Michele Ascolese (guitarist Fabrizio De Andrè) in the creation of original projects, first with the group Ondabuena Hotel, later with Iguazù Project, with whom he recorded the related records and participates in major events.

Music Man Stingray 5
Fender Precision ’88
Fender Jazz Squier ‘81
NS Double bass
Amplificatori   Mark Bass
Effettistica      Boss, Ibanez, Art

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