Thursday, 21 May 2015

RanestRane Fanwall of Fame

Here we have fans from over the world and we would like to see YOU as well! Would you like to be our superstar? Send your photo with the band to us.

Giorgio from Italy

David Hunter from London UK

Lilian from Sweden

Robert from Sweden

Ian Winther Copenhagen Denmark

Stefania Fiaschi from Italy, photo's were taking during the Marillion Weekend in the Netherlands and the Web Italy convention in Cervia Italy.

Sabine Schönl from Germany.

Carolien van Goethem from the Netherlands (yes, some familiar faces as well!) 

Massimiliano Mari from Rome Italy

Beatrice Barisani from Italy

Yoshiko from Japan

Ania and Kim from Denmark together with our beloved Irene and Maurizio from Italy

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