Wednesday 27 May 2015

Let's celebrate!

Today is your day! 

Happy Birthday Riccardo! 


* creation made by our friend Marjo Klingenborg* 

Thursday 21 May 2015

RanestRane Fanwall of Fame

Here we have fans from over the world and we would like to see YOU as well! Would you like to be our superstar? Send your photo with the band to us.

Giorgio from Italy

David Hunter from London UK

Lilian from Sweden

Robert from Sweden

Ian Winther Copenhagen Denmark

Stefania Fiaschi from Italy, photo's were taking during the Marillion Weekend in the Netherlands and the Web Italy convention in Cervia Italy.

Sabine Schönl from Germany.

Carolien van Goethem from the Netherlands (yes, some familiar faces as well!) 

Massimiliano Mari from Rome Italy

Beatrice Barisani from Italy

Yoshiko from Japan

Ania and Kim from Denmark together with our beloved Irene and Maurizio from Italy

Wednesday 20 May 2015

Review from Sweden

We received the first review from our friends in Sweden!

You can check it at the following link! Review Sweden RanestRane Alex would like to see RanestRane more often and is looking forward to the next gig!

Thank you so much Alex for your kind words and support!

We appreciate all support we can get from fans and from the band!

If you have your own review from gigs you have visited, please let us know and we will forward this to the boys and also link your review at our page. Language is not any problem at all, we are open for the whole world!

Recording the drums

Daniele will give a workshop regarding recording the drums and will inform you with many advices regarding how to recording drums with the technology of today.

The workshop is for every drummer on every level, whether you are professional or a hobby drummer.

The workshop contains:

Battery recording on the basis of various style and level (depending on the needs and the level of the student) with clicks.

Analysis of the recorded material

The ratio of clicks and click-track management

Dynamic handling and precision (Click on and volumes)

Recording and analysis of different types of instruments (maple and birch drum set, snare drums of different heights and materials)

How to tune the drum kit after style (with proof of recording demo)

Management and knowledge of the microphones

Recording with various models of skin toms and snares.

And much more!

The workshop will take place at Studio Recording "Genesis" in Rome.
For reservations and information you can contact Daniele at

Daniele is waiting for you!

Saturday 16 May 2015

RanestRane the Shining

Shining is one of the most important film in cinema history, and Kubrick is one of the most innovative and influential director of contemporary movie scene.
Since the creation of Nosferatu The Vampire (our first cineconcerto), it took almost one year to identify a new subject for our second concept album, and begin the composition of "Shining The Cineconcerto".
We had different possibilities, but in my mind it was clear that a tribute to Stanley Kubrick would represent the best choice for us.
In fact, each of his films is a masterpiece, but the challenge was to create a new rock opera although Kubrick's films are so indelibly associated with their soundtracks, and often the public know and love these soundtrack very much.
Once we had identify "Shining" as the most suitable film (the soundtrack is formed by pieces of contemporary musicians, less melodies and more experimental), we tried to find the right clue to re-interpret it. The answer came from Peter Gabriel and Darkness (from "UP"): one day, while I was listening to it, I have been carried away to Shining's world, colour, blood and madness... the answer was a more claustrophobic, psychedelic, aggressive music, different from the melodies of Nosferatu The Vampire, but with the typical RanestRane's music, with rotation of songs and instrumental pieces.
So we began to work on "Shining the cineconcerto", for almost three years.
It has been a really hard work, with three years of bad and good personal events and a deep emotional journey inside ourselves. We hope that the public of the rock opera could get this, and feel the new musical perspective connected with this film.

Daniele Pomo

Studio Album, released in 2011
Songs / Tracks Listing
1. I° Viaggio (2:46)
2. Il colloquio (7:14)
3.La neve coprirà tutte le piane aride (1:55)
4. L'Overlook (2:50)
5. Mr. Halloran (7:50)
6. Colazione (2:11)
7. Il labirinto (7:43)
8. Qualcosa in questo posto cambierà (4:04)
9. Danny e Jake (4:31)
10. Incubo (5:13)
11. Cambiamento definitivo (6:34)
12. "237" (5:52)

1. La neve copre ormai tutte le piane aride (5:43)
2. La festa dell'Overlook (8:57)
3. Il tempo è labile (4:41)
4. Il mattino ha l'oro in bocca (5:08)
5. "Fammi uscire" (4:49)
6. L'intervento di Grady (3:53)
7. Redrum (6:53)
8. Ora nessun nemico passerà (5:05)
9. in fuga nel labirinto (3:10)
10. Vittima di se stesso (4:40)
11. Oltre tutto (6:30)

Wednesday 13 May 2015

Photo's of the Web Italy convention.

We received photo's of RanestRane during their presentation of H.A.L last weekend at the Web Italy convention in Cervia. Hereby a little impression of the concert. All photo credits are to our photographer Stefan Schulz. Thank you dear Stefan for sharing the moment with us.

Also new merchandise was available. Hopefully for sale soon at the store of RanestRane

And as last the group photo of the Web Italy fans and Ranestrane

A view words from Riccardo at this Facebook page:

The domain of the eyes. The beauty in the eyes. The emotion from the eyes.
In Cervia everything had beautiful colors. Some dazzling. Other invisible.
The people I met, all friends, they see through things, now I know it. While I was playing a work dedicated to the childish eye of a mechanical artificial intelligence, I wondered how much power rhe eyes have in reality. You laugh with your eyes, there are questions in the eyes, sometimes the water and the salt of emotion fall from my eyes.
I saw the eyes of many friends laugh and be moved so many times in a few days. Music lovers have familiarity with seeing invisible things.
Thanks Steven for this new thrill, thanks Davide for your strange engine, thanks to the Giorgio and Anna passion, Thanks Massimo Daniele Maurizio for the shells, thanks to all of you, friends, for your eyes.

And with these lovely words we will say: Thank you boys for your music! 
For a review about the weekend: