Saturday 30 April 2016

Hipp hipp hurray! Fanweb's 1st Birthday!!

One year ago! How time flies!

Imagine yourself standing in the audience of a concert you are looking forward to after many years waiting, and getting surprised by a support band you never heard of.....

*Photo by Phil Slessor

That's where it all started!

After brainstorming, creating ideas and getting nervous and excited due the fact that you lend over your plans for just the band you want to support, we have created something beautiful!

Over 350 visitors each month on our website, posts on our Facebook group, private messages from fans all over the world sending you good vibes and lovely words for all the work you have done in your spare time with all love for the band and their fans, is the best present you can get.

We would like to thank RanestRane and their management for the trust and faith in us, their love and friendship, their music and emotions.

Thank you Marjo Klingenberg for your creative designs for us.

We would like to thank YOU for your support, sweet messages and interest!

Cheers!! Up to the second year!!

Thursday 21 April 2016

Little update from RanestRane

It's been a bit quiet around the band but we have a small message from the boys:

Back to the studio, composing "A Space Odyssey - Part Three - Starchild" and rehearsing for "RanestRane Special Edition" at Teatro Europa Apriliaon May, 14th. It would be really a pleasure see some of you there!!!