Friday 28 October 2016

RanestRane on tour 2017!

♪ ♫ ♬ ↳ THE CINEMATIC SHOWS 2017 ↵ ♫ ♪ ♬
Save The Date: March 2017 (tour dates following)

We are happy to finally announce our third European tour: we will be touring in Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Denmark and Italy. A couple of surprises for people attending the gigs:
➥ A preview of our forthcoming album "Starchild", the third part of A Space Odyssey's trilogy. (Yes, that's why we have been silent for a while... we have been working for you)
➥ New merch items available! What do you think about a limited edition of a Vinyl Box Set of the Odyssey's trilogy with exclusive bonus content? :D

Here the tour dates confirmed:
● March 4th @ Musikens Hus Goes Progressive 2017, Gothenburg, Sweden. Tickets
● March 10th @ Parkvilla - Cursussen Filmhuis Educatie Theater, Alphen a/d Rijn, Netherlands. Tickets
● March 11th @ De Verlichte Geest, Roeselare, Belgium.
● March 16th @ Das Rind, Rüsselsheim, Germany.
● March 18th @ Ishøj Kultur Café, Ishøj, Denmark. Tickets
● April 22nd @ Club il Giardino Lugagnano, Verona, Italy.

People, save the date(s) 

Sunday 28 August 2016

After the earthquake...

A few words from RanestRane at their official Facebook page:

After the earthquake
The earthquake of last Wednesday gave us all a terrible shock. Here in Rome we felt a long swaying followed by aftershocks: we were alive and well but we suddenly understood that something terrible was going on just nearby us. When we discovered where was the epicenter of this devastating earthquake, we jumped up in fright: entire towns have been levelled, with Amatrice, Accumoli and Pescara del Tronto suffering the most damage. Some of us have relatives and friends in the area affected. Fortunately no one was hurt.
We all started receiving text and Facebook messages and phone calls from people concerned about our safety. We really want to thank all people who genuinely cared about us and our families.
We have no words to express our heartfelt sorrow for the victims. During these days we have been wondering how to help. We are not rescuers, but performers. And there is only a way to help, there is only a thing we can do: perform our music.
As many of you know, we will perform a gig on Sunday 4th September in Bologna. Admission to the gig is free, but, as always we will have our merch items. So we decided that merchandise sales will be donated to the relief funds created by the municipalities affected (Amatrice, Accumoli and Arquata del Tronto).
That’s our way to help people affected by this terrible disaster. Will you join us?
Mercoledì scorso la terra ha tremato anche per noi qui a Roma. Con angoscia abbiamo appreso qual era l’epicentro della scossa e quali danni aveva causato il terremoto ad Amatrice, Accumoli e Pescara del Tronto. Alcuni di noi hanno amici e parenti in quelle zone. Per fortuna sono tutti salvi.
Subito dopo il terremoto abbiamo ricevuto sms, messaggi su Facebook e telefonate da moltissimi di voi. Vogliamo davvero ringraziare tutti per la sincera preoccupazione che avete espresso per le sorti delle nostre famiglie e l’affetto che ci avete dimostrato.
I nostri pensieri vanno a tutte le persone che hanno perso i propri cari e i propri amici. Non abbiamo davvero parole per esprimere il nostro più sincero dolore. Ma forse le parole non servono.
Come molti di voi, ci siamo chiesti: che possiamo fare di concreto? Noi non siamo soccorritori, né ingegneri, né psicologi. Siamo musicisti. E c'è solo un modo per aiutare, fare quello che sappiamo fare meglio: suonare la nostra musica.
Come saprete, domenica 4 settembre suoneremo al Prog Italian Festival a Bologna. Il concerto è gratuito, ma come sempre avremo uno spazio dedicato alla vendita del merchandising. Abbiamo deciso di devolvere gli incassi di domenica 4 settembre direttamente ai Comuni coinvolti (Amatrice, Accumoli e Arquata del Tronto) che hanno avviato una propria raccolta fondi per la ricostruzione.
Donare è l’unico aiuto concreto che possiamo dare. Vi unite a noi?

Tuesday 9 August 2016

In the studio with RanestRane

Robert was invited by RanestRane to come visiting the boys in the studio.

It was a great experience and we want to share a moment with you about what is going on in the studio when RanestRane is rehearsing with a few words from Robert.

As I have a more than "common" interest in how bands work, production, songwriting etc.I was very happy to be invited by the band to join them during rehearsals in their studio.

To start, I got picked up by Mr. Perfect Timing Maurizio, at some subway station at 21.00, from where we drove on to the studio where Daniele already was waiting and listened to some pre-recorded tracks.
Next to arrive was the Magnificent Max, loaded with a Gibson Les Paul and his Magic pedalboard who installed himself in front of his amp.
After that it took a little while before the last member, the Wonderful Mr.Romano, arrived with his Nord and his laptop. After everyone made theirselves ready to play, except Maurizio, we just chatted a little bit about how the band works with the writing, what system they use for recording etc etc. It was time to start with the fun and now even the super relaxed Maurizio plugged in ;-)).
I got a nice spot to in the studio in a decent chair, thanx for that Massimo! This was needed hahaha. And the rehearsal began.

After synchronizing sound and vision the band started playing on the part of the movie they had chosen.
Surely they had a blue-print from pre-rehearsals, so everybody knew what to play, but now it was time to work it out on a deeper level! After playing, there was time for discussion. How can we make it better? What if we? Should we?.......Where it came very clear that this is going to be another band-album due to the fact that everyone is very involved in the songwriting.
This procedure went on the whole time, playing the part, discuss, playing, discussing, and every time it turned in to a better piece, over and over again. What really amazing was, was the fact how easy these guys seem to understand each other, and what is needed to make it so much better! .......a band of connected souls .....
Between discussion and playing Massimo searched for sound in his magic box, Danny was working on even better and more exciting drum fills. Thank you again Max for giving me a real chair, otherwise I would have fallen off the bar stool I had earlier and would have broken a leg or something :-)....just amazing musicianship in all four guys!

The most wonderful moment of the evening was when Riccardo asked Massimo for a certain sound and Max delivered it big time! Making Riccardo go up to Max and kiss him on his fore-head saying: "Massimo!!!"
At that moment the Italian passion was talking :-)

After that, there was a short break where we talked a bit more about music in general and learned som tips and tricks from Daniele about drums and stuff.
After the break it was time to record this version of the rehearsal to be sure to have all the blue-prints in order for the definite recordings when its time for it.

It was a wonderful evening with four wonderful and very talented guys who all share their passion in making music for RanestRane. And this passion is deep, they are more than just friends it just feels like they are brothers...all four of them.

I can never thank these guys enough for letting me share these precious moments with them .....memories for life only lets me respect them even more ....Love you guys, you are the best!!

Sunday 7 August 2016

A few words from Fanweb Scandinavia

After 15 exciting months we would like to share some information with you about the Fanweb Scandinavia.

Fanweb Scandinavia is a project which started after the Marillion Weekends in 2015 by Robert and Lilian Boomsema.

"We went to the Marillion Weekend in Port Zelande in 2015. RanestRane was playing as a support act during that weekend. I was talking a lot with Robert about RanestRane when I first saw them in Copenhagen 2014 when RanestRane was supporting the Steven Rothery band. I was very impressed and was very happy with the fact that RanestRane would play at the Marillion Weekend so Robert could see them himself and hopefully getting impressed like I was after the first time seeing them."

"RanestRane played on the Saturday evening during the Marillion weekend. Many Italian fans were in front to support their band from their country. Also many other people were getting impressed about this band."

"Robert was really impressed, and I was happy about the fact that I was right haha, we enjoyed the rest of that weekend with Marillion and ofcourse we tried to get in contact with some bandmembers of Rane, to thank them for their talent and music."

Why starting this project?

"When we went home after an amazing week in the Netherlands (our native country) we couldn't stop thinking about RanestRane, RanestRane was the subject of the day! We bought a cd at the Marillion convention and we played it every single day several times. We were totally inlove with the music. We wanted to do something, why is RanestRane not that well known for many other people? How can we share our feelings about this band for others? We need to do something....

We came in contact with the boys via social media, we chatted and later on we came in contact with the management of the band. Our idea was to create a fanpage on the net with the hope to get in contact with other fans, to support the band and also to let people be familiar with the band. To get passionated like we are. We informed the band and management about our plans, we wanted to start a website. The boys were impressed and perhaps also a bit surprised about the impact they had on us during that weekend in the Netherlands. We started with the build up of the website, emailed and chatted about what could be done better or needed to be changed before getting online. We made agreements, we want to do the best for the boys without pushing nor damaging any contact or trust. The boys needed to stand 100%  behind our ideas! This was the important fact we wanted to have!

We started the 1st of May 2015, very excited and nervous, what will they think? Will this be good? What if...? Many questions, and I can tell you that it was such a relief when Riccardo and Daniele came back with their feedback how great work we did for them, that they were emotional and very pleased to have our support."

What happens today?

"RanestRane supports us, we build up a relationship with the band, the manager and the fans. We became officially representatives for the band in Scandinavia and beyond, we are trying to build up a network for the boys in Scandinavia and also in the rest of Europe, we are involved with the official facebook groups both in Italy and Scandinavia where we are admins, we discuss fan matters with the management and band about how we can make the website and support even better for the fans. We became a family, as friends, as fans."

Why the name Fanweb Scandinavia?

"We chose the name Fanweb Scandinavia as Robert and I are living in Sweden, the project is created here in Sweden but is open for everyone. We also communicate in English as we want to reach fans from over the whole world, not only in Scandinavia, but also the rest of the world. As we are a fanweb, we were very careful to not stand in the way for a official build up of a possible website for a possible fanclub, you never know what the future brings... We also have co operation with the Italian fans which are not able to understand Swedish, English is just the perfect language to understand for everyone. Some important articles will be translated to Italian via our partners in Italy of course"

What can we expect in the future?

"Many things are in the pipeline, we cannot inform to much about the future, time will tell :-) "

By sharing this information we would like to thank:

YOU as member and fan of RanestRane for your love and support for our work for the band. For sharing your photo's and reviews regarding the band, your happiness and joy.

RanestRane Fangroup Italy for their co operating and support.

RanestRane and their management for their trust and love, their friendship and faith.

Without you we wouldn't have made it so far!

Friday 5 August 2016

Review Concert Teatro Parchi della Colombo in Rome - Italy 29th of July

Hi all!

Roberto the other half of RanestRane Fanweb Scandinavia went to Rome for the concert in the beautiful theatre Teatro Parchi della Colombo in Rome.

Robert wants to share his words with you!

After meeting up with a lot of lovely other members of the RanestRane family, it was around 22.00 time for the band to hit the stage, a perfect venue, being an amphitheater.

The band chose to play first set with songs from the first three albums; Nosferatu, The Shining and Monolith with opening with the song Incubo of the Shining.
It was quite clear that the band was on fire and was really focusing on putting in all efforts to make this a great show, due the fact that they changed some sounds in some of the older songs to make it fresh and exciting!

After Incubo they played some Nosferatu songs where especially Via Da Wismar made a mark where Riccardo accompanied Massimo on the intro with his Moog-synth and where Massimo nailed the guitar solo in this song perfectly!!
The audience appreciated this with a big ovation!!

Next on the setlist was Il labirinto again from Shining.
After this song Daniele took the oppertunity to thank the audience for coming to the show, which was very appreciated, as a gift to the audience they played the very beautiful song L`ultimo incontro from Nosferatu. Rewarded with a standing ovation from the audience!!
After this romantic song they played Semi from Monolith and again they showed their skill in doing so, Maurizio`s bass playing was superb, Daniele`s drumming rock-solid, Massimo was on fire and Riccardo`s passionate playing was heavenly!!


The second set, after a short break was all about H.A.L.
This is the bands latest album and it has several ”highlights” on it and some very ”not easy to play” songs on it, especially for Daniele, singing and drumming difficult patterns is hard to do!! But if one guy can do it …..its him!!

All members have a lot of input on this album as it is totally a ”band”-album where most of the material is coming from all the members putting in their very best !!
It is very difficult to say what the ”highlights” are on this album, because it’s exciting from the first till the last note. But, I`ll try to pick out some moments….

One of most beautiful songs is Freddo al Cuore with a lovely Moog solo and an even so beautiful guitar solo together with the deep bass-sounds and the singing makes it ……. you name it.
The band played with all of the passion they have and nailed every song. Spacewalk and La Perfezione che si Cerca where beautiful done with Massimo playing the most beautiful tones ever….goosebumps!
Another very special moment was the song Buio Intorno with only Daniele and Riccardo on stage, Daniele`s voice is fantastic and with Riccardo`s passionate playing it’s hard to keep the eyes dry actually.
They finished this set with the very exciting Computer Malfuntion which is a great example of the ”all members” input, because on this song everyone is playing like their life is depending on it! Really one of the highlights of the evening for sure!!

Photo Simona Rongione

After H.A.L. is was time for the encore.
The band asked the audience what to play and the first one was Materna Luna from Monolith followed by Il monolith di Tycho (closing section).
And of course the band gave it their very best again to make it an evening to remember and nailed both songs!!

After this performance the band received a very long and warm ovation from the audience who just had experienced an amazing, wonderful and ’never to forget' evening with a band formed by four very skilled and passionate musicians who make the most beautiful music.

I think, and I talked a lot with others after the show, that this show must have been one of their very best shows ever, surely the beautiful venue has been a help for that too, but a lot of people said they have never seen RanestRane ”rock” it like this ……

It was a wonderful and magical evening for both band and audience …..

Thank you RanestRane ….

Photo credits: Simona Rongione, Roberto Scorta, Catia de Cicco

Sunday 3 July 2016

Daniele official Facebook page

Dear all,

Daniele has launched his website and also an official Facebook page regarding his work as drummer.

Check it out, give this page a Like and Share with your friends if you like to.

More updates soon!

Facebook Page Daniele
Website Daniele Pomo

Wednesday 15 June 2016


Hi dear friends, 

It has been a while since the latest update!

We can inform you that we are still busy behind the scenes, hopefully we can inform you very soon with more news!

The band is currently busy with the writing of the third part of A Space Odyssey 'Starchild' , also the boys are busy with the rehearsals for the upcoming gig in Rome on the 29th of July.

In meantime we would like to show you the new fresh website of Daniele Pome, do you want to know more about the man behind the drumkit? Check his page

Note from website:
*** Since 2000 he’s Coordinator and Educator of Rock Drum Faculty of the SAINT LOUIS MUSIC COLLEGE, the most important music school in Italy.

RanestRane back on stage on the 29th of July Rome

On 29 July the Italian prog RanestRane will be featured at the Teatro "Parks of Colombo", part of the "Summer in the Parks 2016".

Veterans of the European Tour 2015 for the presentation of the new concept album "A Space Odyssey - Part Two - HAL", the second in a trilogy dedicated to the masterpiece of S. Kubrick, RanestRane will perform the new album and a selection of songs of their previous works, all inspired by art films.

Il 29 luglio il prog italiano di RanestRane sarà protagonista al Teatro "Parchi della Colombo", nell'ambito della manifestazione "Estate ai Parchi 2016".

Reduci dal Tour Europeo 2015 per la presentazione del nuovo concept album "A Space Odyssey - Part Two - H.A.L.", il secondo di una trilogia dedicata al capolavoro di S. Kubrick, RanestRane eseguiranno parte del nuovo album e una selezione di brani delle loro precedenti opere, tutte ispirate da film d'autore.

Per maggiori info:

Teatro Parchi della Colombo 
Via Cristoforo Colombo, 1897, 00124 Rom

Saturday 30 April 2016

Hipp hipp hurray! Fanweb's 1st Birthday!!

One year ago! How time flies!

Imagine yourself standing in the audience of a concert you are looking forward to after many years waiting, and getting surprised by a support band you never heard of.....

*Photo by Phil Slessor

That's where it all started!

After brainstorming, creating ideas and getting nervous and excited due the fact that you lend over your plans for just the band you want to support, we have created something beautiful!

Over 350 visitors each month on our website, posts on our Facebook group, private messages from fans all over the world sending you good vibes and lovely words for all the work you have done in your spare time with all love for the band and their fans, is the best present you can get.

We would like to thank RanestRane and their management for the trust and faith in us, their love and friendship, their music and emotions.

Thank you Marjo Klingenberg for your creative designs for us.

We would like to thank YOU for your support, sweet messages and interest!

Cheers!! Up to the second year!!

Thursday 21 April 2016

Little update from RanestRane

It's been a bit quiet around the band but we have a small message from the boys:

Back to the studio, composing "A Space Odyssey - Part Three - Starchild" and rehearsing for "RanestRane Special Edition" at Teatro Europa Apriliaon May, 14th. It would be really a pleasure see some of you there!!!

Thursday 10 March 2016

Capture the moment of RanestRane.

Just a little update!

Our beloved friend Catia is always around to take the most beautiful photo's of RanestRane.

Catia is also the photographer which made the photo's for the album Monolith A Space Oddysey

We would like to share her page with you with many photo's of the band.

You can find her page here

Soon we will inform you with more activities and updates regarding RanestRane. 

Monday 29 February 2016

RanestRane back on stage 14th of May in Aprilia

We are happy to see the boys of RanestRane back on stage again!
Safe the date: 14th of May 2016 in Aprilia Italy

Tickets available very soon, for more info check

Monday 22 February 2016

Official International Fanclub RanestRane

Dear all, 

we think it's time to give birth to the International Fan Club of RanestRane. We have the team to work on it, we have ideas to become real. Are you interested in taking part as members? 
If you are, please send an email to and we will contact you asap 

What does this mean for Fanweb Scandinavia?

Fanweb Scandinavia is proud about the fact to be involved in the official fanclub and will keep you updated as usual. Nothing will change from our side.

Can we subscribe Fanweb Scandinavia for membership of the official fanclub?

We prefer that new members will contact the official fanclub directly to avoid delays and also the fact to have the administration at one place. The email address of the fanclub:

Fanweb Scandinavia will stay open for the fans worldwide and of course we can answer your questions as well but, regarding questions about membership, we need to ask you to send your email to the official fanclub.

Thursday 28 January 2016

Reviews about RanestRane

Here you can find links to reviews about RanestRane and their albums.*

From the Netherlands

Progvisions: Nosferatu
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Backgroundmagazine: Write RanestRane in the search field:-)

From Japan

Yoshiko Prog Blog

From Sweden

Lilian's Corner: The Shining
Metallbibliotekarierna: RanestRane

Do you have reviews which you want to share? Feel free to contact us! Our email:

*This page will be updated every month!

Thursday 14 January 2016

RanestRane live on stage in Rome 12th of February

Dear friends,

RanestRane will be back on stage again in Rome on the 12th of February. This time together with the Marillion tribute band Neverland from Italy. Neverland is also on Facebook where you can find all information about this amazing tribute band Neverland Facebook

More information about the concert can be found here