Wednesday 8 March 2017

RanestRane goes Gothenburg

RanestRane went to Gothenburg for the very first time. Full of excitement and joy we went to Musikens Hus Gothenburg on the 4th of March.

GARF arranged a lovely mini festival where RanestRane was the second act. Together with Skull Parade and main act Änglagård we tried to make a wonderful evening full of music. 

It's always a bit scary and nervous to enter a new venue, a new place, this would be the first time in Sweden. RanestRane delivered the best they could and we from Fanweb Scandinavia had only our hope and believe in the best for the start of something beautiful in Sweden. The concert was wonderful and we were not the only one with these thoughts. We received a lot of great feedback from fans and new fans! We would love to share these words with you, words from the fans in Sweden.

Karl Göran Karlsson: " Thanks for a fantastic gig! The whole concert was good but the peak of your performance was "Monolith - Part II". Absolutely superb! I really like Italian prog and Ranestrane is surely another excellent contribution here. I wish you good luck with your tour and hope to see you soon again in Sweden."
Robert Larsson: Robert, Lilian and RanestRane. It was a pleasure to have you here. A splendid perfomance, the audience were really excited after the show. You noticed it in the merch area, right? :) And Riccardo, thank´s for not giving up when technique wasn´t on the friendly side. Perfect!!! Good luck with the rest of the tour!

Martin Hansen: I think this was the best concert I've heard for a long time. Your music and videoprojection was very nice, I like this kind of music. It was a very good first gig here in Sweden and I hope this was not the last time we see you here. You are always welcome back in Sweden. We love you. Your show was fantastic, and you are such good musicians together. Keep on playing and make new music. Forza Italia!!/Martin Hansen

Jan Erik wrote us an email:

" We started a trip on a cold saturday morning from our home 400 km away from Gothenborg, it has snowed that night, not that much, but still I was wondering how will it be to drive in this weather. But lucky we were, my wife and I, it was no problem at all. We came to the biggest city on the west coast of Sweden and were eating some dinner before we went to Musikens Hus. 

The first band was Skull Parade. At 20.00 THE band I have want to see live for so long time, entered the stage, and I must say it was amazing! Right from the beginning I got the shivers and goosebumps and felt so happy, they played and they got the audience to realise what they are experiencing, This band is good. And as longer the show went on the audience started to dance, scream and and make big applause, Ranestrane THEY came, THEY played and THEY succeed, I spoke with some other people after the show and one man said, this was just amazing, it was true magic, Those Italians, they can play, this was the best concert I've seen after so many years, and I just said; I agree. I'm sure that they made a footprint in Gothenborg and I hope that it will spread over Sweden so we can go and see Ranestrane again, This was magic as the man said, true magic and I can drive 1000 km just to see them again, but I think I will take a plane instead, because I will see RanestRane again, that's for sure"

Wednesday 1 March 2017

New merchandise available at the concerts!

Hi dear all!

RanestRane will bring new goodies for you fans with them at the upcoming tour!


Please check the tour dates under *ontour* on this page.

See you soon?