Saturday 23 September 2017

Behind the scenes of Starchild

It has been a while, but we have much news to share with you in the upcoming weeks! So keep an eye on our site!

We made a little trip to Rome, a lovely city with much history, many lovely monuments and fontains, restaurants and small bars, narrow streets and many vespa's, and besides all that: great food and beautiful friendly people! In Rome you can get much inspiration for any type of art and so we discovered more and more about the influences of RanestRane.

Once arrived in Rome, we received an invitation of the band to visit them at the studio, to enjoy a mini rehearsal, being behind the scenes of the making of their new baby Starchild.
Ofcourse we want to share this with you.

Starchild, the third and final part of the trilogy A Space Odyssey. We only heard a small part of this album, the final part, a raw piece of music which is still under construction.

With a cup of coffee we watched the final part of the movie and heard a beautiful piece of music. Most likely Starchild will contain a lot of guitarsound. Massimo is the main person on this part, this because there is a lot of space for guitar if we look at the movie, not many scene switching, which gives him space to make longer guitarsolos's painted with the sounds of the keyboards of Riccardo. Daniele and Maurizio will make the dramatic sounds with the drums and bass which gives a result: A heavy rockpart!

**Please note** Many things can be changed, perhaps several times, it's all in the making (!) 

RanestRane is more than just a band, it's a friendship, a family! The boys are open minded, discuss a lot with each other and above that, they are an inspiration for each other which we felt when we were at their studio, much harmony. RanestRane are proud of their art! Walls are filled with movie posters, tourphoto's and tourpasses, memories of their travels. We are so thankfull for have been at their home, the place where all the beauty have been made and where more beauty will be written.

Grazie mille RanestRane for your time, the laughter, the inspiration, and your kindness! We are looking forward to Starchild!