Friday 27 November 2015

1 week left! It's Monolith week!

We are counting the days until H.A.L arrives!
Next week on the 4th of December the album will be on sale worldwide! 
Fanweb Scandinavia will keep you updated straight from Copenhagen where the boys will play their new album!

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Robert made the 3rd review about Monolith, the first part of the trilogy of 'a Space Odyssey'

You can read it here below.

See some of you next week?

We`re almost there....HAL coming out soon....but first the review of album Nr.3...Monolith

Monolith is actually my first "encounter" with RanestRane....taking me back to the MW 2015 where they did the opening on Saturday for Marillion....I already got a slight hint from my beloved wife saying; I think you are going to like need to discuss that
The thing that "stroke" me was first of all the music of course and looking at four guys playing wit a lot of passion but never "going over the top"....maybe hard to explain .....but sometimes I`m having a "hard time" with looking at and listening to musicians who want to "show off"....playing 1000 notes per second and so....but don´t get me wrong here....they are not making themselves an "easy job"..... not at all….

After a while someone started to took me a while to discover that it was the drummer doing the lead vocal.....Now as I said before.....I drum too...backing vocals OK, but lead vocal and drumming like Danny Pomo???  Not in this ”lifetime"....
Riccardo Romano plays his keys with such a "passion and joy" that its almost impossible not to ”dance"........
Maurizio Meo hits the "low tones" perfectly on the "spot" and Massimo Pomo is the kind of guitarist I really easy stuff he`s playing but I really love his "way" of playing....always in "duty" of the music never stepping out of line....makes me think of people like David Rhodes in Peter Gabriels band ....well for me it was a "blast" this show and I was lucky to "bump" into the Pomo-brothers  the day after and have a chat with them...

Back to the music; Monolith is the first part of the trilogy based on Kubricks "2001: a space odyssey" ....and what RR did perfect ...."again".... is to "catch" the "atmosphere" of the movie. It’s a different kind of movie as Nosferatu and Shining its more about "space" and "high-tec" and so is the sound too, mainly Riccardo is playing more "spacey"....
The cd contains 6 tracks with "guest-appearances" of both Steve Hogarth and Steve Rothery (Marillion) on some tracks..which shows the "big-hearted" attitude of Massimo to let Steve do 2 of the solos....
Tracks 1,2,4 and 6 make their way on whatever "live set-list" easy....

There is a kind of "love and respect" between Marillion and RR like Marillion? No! Sure Riccardo loves them and plays in Rothers-band too, Massimo is a big fan of Rothers too!
But RanestRane sounds most likely like.....RanestRane...four nice guys blessed with the"gift of talent" who believe in what they do!!!
And yes...they do love Marillion and play their stuff when on tour with Rothery or played it with Hogarth in Rome!!!
And talking about the Rome-gig....someone said something to me before the gig and I`ll never forget that ;there is a "reason" why both Hogarth and Rothery love to play with RanestRane.....
I`ll leave it there......

I hope you enjoyed the reviews so one will probably be about the RR-gig in Copenhagen on the 4th of December where I will try to "tackle" the guys for an" interview" too.... so enjoy the upcoming tour of the band and see you later!!


Wednesday 25 November 2015

Interview about RanestRane!

26th of November 2015 at 20.00!!

Paul Stoutenberg asked us to do an interview about RanestRane and their upcoming album H.A.L!
Two hours great music !
In the second hour I have a talk with Lilian Boomsema. She's a great fan of the Italian progrockband Ranestrane.
Five songs of this great band, including two songs of their new album HAL, which will be released the first week of december!
Tune in at:
Talking Heads Psycho Killer
The Motors Airport
Buena Vista Social Club Chan Chan
Ricardo Cocciante Margherita
Coldplay The Scientist
Graham Parker Hey Lord, Don't Ask me Questions
Elvis Costello & The Attractions She
Patti Smith Dancing Barefoot
Dr Feelgood Milk and Alcohol
Dave Edmunds I Hear You Knocking
Duran Duran A View to a Kill
Frankie Goes to Hollywood Rage Hard
Clannad Theme from Harry's Game
Gloria Estefan Oye mi Canto ( Hear my Voice)
The Eagles The Best of my Love
hour 2 
Ranestrane L' Ultimo InContro
Ranestrane Incubo
Ranestrane Materna Luna
Ranestrane Computer Malfunction
Ranestrane Freddo Al Cuore

Red Hot Chili Peppers By the Way
Golden Earring Long Blond Animal
Rolling Stones Lady Jane
Beth Hart & Joe Bonamassa Nutbush City Limits
INXS Suicide Blonde
Kayak Starlight Dancer

Friday 20 November 2015

The Shining in the spotlights!!

This week is The Shining week!

Robert made a review regarding this album which you can read below.

Review of RanestRanes second 2cd album Shining based on Stanley Kubricks movie from 1980 with my fave actor Jack Nicholson in the leading rol......again I highly recommend to see the movie....and if possible...synchronize it with the`ll be amazed!!!!!

As the first album Nosferatu had a more "classic and symphonic" touch.....Here we get to hear a more "aggressive" side of RR, more guitar-riffs and pumping bass....

cd.1 contains 12 tracks whom are beautiful mixed with movie-scenes .....again RR managed to catch the mood of the scenes perfectly ....sinister, dark, suspense, anger, fear….
Although quite a lot of tracks have movie-sounds in it, there a still some who would fit perfect in a live-set without the movie to back it up......this time I`m not going to tell which find out yourselves...but it keeps 
the "attention" throughout the whole cd without being boring...

cd.2 contains 11 tracks….same story...and here you should really try to play movie and music in synchro `cause when Jack breaks down the bathroom door with his axe?? (classic scene from the movie).....SUPERB!!!!!!....BRILLIANT!!!!!
What RR really does perfect is finding the way to build up the tension during the movie….
the  Labirinto-scenes with Jack chasing Danny???.....Wonderful!
Here too,like on Nosferatu... RR saves the best for last .....the end pieces are so beautifully done that you want to play them over and over again....(at least thats what happened to me..)...

The concept "cine-rock" isn`t an easy thing for a musician.....I play guitar, bass and drums myself so I think I know little about the "problem" the guys have to face in doing this.......they are more or less stuck in "time-frames".....the movie can`t be changed....scenes are as long as they are...
In the "normal" way you can make the songs as long as you want.....and live even longer!!!
Gilmour´s solo on C-numb has gotten longer over the years......I`ve been listening to some very good solos of Massimo and would love to hear more and I guess he would have loved to carry on with them scene, new sound....and that is for the whole band the same story….not easy…
But they managed it well!!

Fact is that "shining" is a very good album with some exciting and surprising elements in also has the feel the band has grown as a "unity"......its feels as if we`re dealing with four brothers instead of 2 (Massimo and Danny are brothers)......Riccardo, Maurizio,Massimo & Daniele ...are playing with heart and soul….and that is what we hear on this album….and we thank them for that.


You can read more about this album HERE and HERE

Friday 13 November 2015

H.A.L. release!

It's Nosferatu week on the Scandinavian web!

Hi all!

Before we enjoy the gig in Copenhagen the 4th of December, we decided to have a kick off! Every week a new album in the spotlights!

Let's get started with Nosferatu!

Robert wrote a review about the album Nosferatu. Thank you Roberto!

Hi there!! 

As we all eagerly await the upcoming HAL-release, I would like to take us all back to the first album; Nosferatu, and do a little review about it here......

Nosferatu is RR`s 2 cd debut-album  and contains 28 tracks and is based on Werner Herzogs movie from 1979 with Klaus Kinski and Isabelle Adjani in the leading roles.....I highly recommend to watch the movie....

Back to the music of being a debut-album they did an excellent job catching the spirit from the movie-scenes into their music....I even can imagine this album being done  with a big would be perfect!!
Because there is a "classic" and "symphonic" touch about this whole album......

cd.1. contains 14 tracks and some of them would fit in whatever set-list they would play without the movie-images....Lucy,Passero presto,Via da Wismar,La montagna, Saranno giorni tristi and Che giorno maledetto can easily stand on their own in a set-list without back-up from the movie....

cd.2. contains also 14 tracks and here its;La Nave,Che succede,Finalmente Qui,Ritorna, Il Diario Di Jonathan,Adesso So Il Perche.....and the superb and mind-blowing closing section;L`ultimo Incontro,Il Ritrovamento and Via Da Wismar (reprise) are all capable of making it on their own!!                                       

While all these tracks can "stand"on their own in the other tracks there are often sounds or dialogues from the movie mixed in.... and in a beautiful way I must is a "blast" to watch and listen to the music and movie in synchronicity....

All in all is Nosferatu a great album... but.....for "newcomers" it can be less easy to digest 

without seeing the movie first is not a must but it helps to "visualize" the sounds and dialogues between the actors....

There is the know-how, the skill and the talent inside these guys..... but most important.... the passion, there is a "fire" burning inside when it comes to making music.....a debut-album on such a high level is "out of this world"!!  The best way to enjoy the RR album is putting yourself in "relax mode" with a glas of wine or something else you like and let the music take you "away" heaven.....

Some tracks have been able to wet my eyes for real and I love every minute of it.....I really recommend this album to every RR-fan and every other music lover...because its well worth it!!

I can go on for hours here...but I won`t....I hope you enjoyed the review and if you don`t have Nosferatu yet?.......Well just get it!!!