Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Year of the frogs

Dear friends,

What an incredible good year we had! It was a beautiful RanestRane year!
If we look back, we may be proud all together.
Imagine, you join for the first time an incredible nice event what is called the Marillion Weekends and  you meet all those fans at one place, discovering the most lovely bands which you never heard of and as the candle on the cake (like we dutchies say) you'll get blown away due 4 Italian musicians at a Dutch convention... it's the start of something beautiful.

Doing something more, making your own fanpage and hopefully you'll meet some people which shares the same thought, same feeling, we managed to do so! From the 1th of May we lounged this website, every month we have over 500 visitors, yes we are proud and we received so much positive vibes of you all! The results, we are officially mentioned on the RanestRane website! We do have a lovely RanestRane Family.

Jumping over to September where we joined the concert of Steve Hogarth Strangely Natural where Hogarth was supported by Rane as support-band was an amazing experience, tears, joy and happiness were the highlights for us. Let's not forget all the warm hugs from our Italian family we met for the first time. While writing this and thinking back to that evening, goosebumps and a tear of happiness are back. It was ment to be.

RanestRane released their new album H.A.L, which is a beauty isn't it? And so RR managed to do their first solo tour in order to promote H.A.L. Their first little Europe tour! Many memories and experiences for both the band and we fans / promoters! A true friendship which lasts forever!

We may say that 2015 was the year of the froggies of RanestRane and we truly hope that 2016 will create even more memories and experiences.

We from Fanweb Scandinavia wish you all a Happy New Year with much love, music and happiness!!

Felice Anno Nuovo!

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

RanestRane interview on the radio in Milan

RanestRane were on air at the radio last week in Milan, this interview was given during the last gig of the European Mini Tour.

You can challenge your Italian skills here

Our dear friend Stefania Fiaschi made a translation for us.

RTD : Does Louis Malle’ s movie “Ascenseur pour l’ √®chafaud” (1958) remind you of anything? Miles Davis composed the music and later the movie was filmed on it. Is your composing approach similar to this?
RANE: It is completely the opposite. We handle with movies provided with their audio and soundtrack already and  try to give them a completely new life from the musical point of view. Infact we generally get far from the original soundtrack on purpose, even to the opposite side sometimes. We try, for instance, to open the chords where initially closed and vice versa, dealing with parts of the original dialogues taken from the movie into our music, in order to put the listeners inside the story and give them a new experience both on cd than on live either… And making it work with the lyrics and the dialogues too. So it is all quite difficult to be put together in a proper way, as you can understand, considering besides that we are handling with very popular and important soundtracks as Space Odyssey, just  for instance. So we try to give our artistic contribution, that must be fresh and new as much as possible, at least in our intentions. 
RTD: What about your specific choices on the movies?
RANE: Our first choice fell on Nosferatu, due to the great respect we have for Werner Herzog and also to its own storytelling slowness, which helped us a lot and allowed us to handle with our musical project  in a better way.    
RTD: Did you have the temptation to compose your music on Nosferatu’s mute version of 1922 or you decided to operate on Herzog’s version directly?
RANE: We wanted to do what hasn’t been ever done before. So we decided for Herzog’ s version immediately. In fact, as maybe you will realize tonight during our live, our project is based on a multitask experience based on the interaction between parts of dialogues and images from the movie  and our music and lyrics as well (for instance,  in Shining, Jack Nicholson’ s voice was inserted into our musical texture). In other words the essence of what we try to do is not sonorizing the movies but interacting with them, creating some new kind of hybrid between the movie in itself and our parts as something deeply connected  and never made or thought before, neither by the director of course. We like to call them Rock Operas or Cineconcert. So the albums are physically concepts, living their own  independent life…  but in our live concerts they become  a multi medial experience made of all the elements previously mentioned.  Our first idea when we started was doing something similar to The Wall, composing the music and then filming a movie based on it. Of course we soon realized it wouldn’t have been possible due to our modest  budget, therefore we decided to create a new soundtrack on existing movies.
RTD: Could you please tell us about the Trilogy and the new album you are presenting tonight along with some extracts from your previous works?  
RANE: Tonight we’re going to present the second part of the Trilogy, HAL (the first one was Monolith), along with something from our previous albums, Nosferatu and Shining. This concert in Milan is the last one of our European tour’ s first leg, which has started from Rome about 15 days ago and brought us to play in several countries. 

RTD: I know you also worked with Marillion’s guitar player Steve Rothery .
RANE: Yes, we started this collaboration with him some years ago and it has grown stronger with time. Besides we recently took part to some dates with him, consisting in a two part show. In the first one we presented HAL and in the second we featured him and Martin Jakubski on vocals (he is the singer of Steve Rothery Band, Steve’ s aside project), on the execution of Misplaced Childhood’ s celebration, one of the most famous Marillion albums, which was out exactly 30 years ago. Our collaboration with him started specifically during the sessions for  Monolith, in which he played two great guitar solos. By the way, we must say we are his great fans, particularly fond of lyricism and poetry in his own way of playing the instrument. He played two solos in HAL as well. Moreover in Monolith we have also two interventions by Steve Hogarth, singer of Marillion, at the beginning and in another moment of the album. His task was to do the story teller “from above”, giving someway the essence of the album in itself, and we are happy he gladly accepted our proposal and our vision of his role in the process.     
RTD: Could you please tell me about your choice to sing in Italian, considering mostly the fact that you have collaborations with international musicians and that many Italian bands do actually the opposite?
RANE: We are proud of our language, mostly, we have a long tradition in lyricism if you just think to the Opera  or also to the Latin’s Poems or even the Vulgar ones (with Dante and Virgilio, for instance). People abroad consider perfectly natural for us to sing in Italian and no one ever asked us the reason for this choice. Besides we pay great respect to the English language as well. So, being not English or American native, we fear our pronunciation could be not so good for foreign listeners to be heard.     
RTD: In fact, regarding people abroad, we just notice that they prefer to watch the movies, just for instance, in their original language with subtitles in order to entirely appreciate them and due to this respect we previously spoke about… And besides, regarding  the Italian bands, we recall that most of them have had a certain success abroad singing in their own language…
RANE: That’s exactly our opinion…
RTD (Stefania): I have been following RanestRane in concert more than once, in Italy and abroad as well. I remember  they had a very important experience on the stage of Marillion weekend this year, playing in front of 3000 people from all over the world. And the nice thing is that now most of them have become fan and friends and want to learn Italian. Moreover in Monolith and HAL as well, lyrics are translated in English too. 
RANE: Maybe people from abroad find our language romantic and melodic in some way. Especially in Japan, where we count a good number of followers. We just have the little regret that this seems to be a problem or is seen as something not so positive, only here in Italy. For us is a joy, instead, seeing so many foreign people singing our songs in our language.

Stefania in conversation with the boys

RTD: How would you define yourself, if you do, a prog rock band influenced by Italian songwriters?
RANE: It is quite exact yes, our influences are definitely into traditional prog such as Genesis, Pink Floyd or Marillion and in some Italian songwriters either, particularly Ivano Fossati or Fabrizio De Andr√®. Prog represents  for us its purest definition, progression, absolute freedom, not only due to the length of the songs but a way of composing  without boundaries at all. 
RTD: And what about the search of your specific sound? What is your effort to not repeat yourself or not to be so equal to your musical influences?
RANESTRANE: Everyone of us should talk about his personal experience and search on his own instrument. A keyboard player, for instance, has many choices to create his sound trough not only the piano/keyboard/hammonds/synthesizers effects but also using many softwares available nowadays . Sometimes this variety of choice is very good, sometimes less. Therefore, when you are working on your specific parts, it can be bad because it takes you a lot of time. Our general  goal is, in any case, trying not to repeat the same things; therefore it is a long process. Regarding instead the sound on drums or the other acoustic instruments , the most important issue to work on is how they sound, no matter how much you have paid for the instrument if you don’ t find the right way to make it work. Especially on its pitch; this may take a lot of time, even years of study and research. Sometimes you think about your guitar solo before sleeping or while skying,  not necessarily into the studio. In any case the study on your instrument should bring you to develop your personal sound although you will be influenced by the music you love most. We are definitely trying to get our own sound, our specific identity. And we trust this might be the right direction to be taken.
RTD:  This new album, HAL, is the second part of the trilogy dedicated to A Space Odyssey. It represents the central part, a sort of bridge between the first, Monolith, and the last one to come, Starchild. With respect to your previous works, I would like you to explain the reason why you chose to divide the Trilogy into three distinctive parts.
RANE: The first reason is the length of this movie in comparison with the previous ones, which made totally impossible to purchase a single or double cd. A triple one was not chosen due to the production costs, which would have been too high and it would have taken too long to be recorded. Therefore we decided to share this trilogy into three independent and distinctive cds to be purchased singularly. The own Odyssey movie structure in chapters allowed us to compose a sort of modular work; the movie is unique and integrates these three great parts. But every chapter composing the trilogy is a specific story, so we thought this could have been the best solution, considering also the fact that this be the best way  to benefit the work for people approaching to our music for the first time. 
RTD: Why did you choose another Kubrik film after Shining?
RANE: This film represented the perfect one to us. A sort of great challenge. It is just a case that, after Shining, we chose another film from this great director, although we all are his fans, particularly Daniele. We are fond of Astronomy and  the great questions  about mankind and life in the universe. 

RTD: In any case your choice always fell on visionary movies.
RANE: Yes, because this kind of movies help us to express our way to compose music at its best. For instance in Nosferatu our music was very romantic and suitable for the movie, in Shining it was more “violent” according to the story.
RTD: What about your projects in the near future?
RANE: First we have to put together our ideas for the making of Starchild, the third and last part of Odyssey. Later on we have many projects in mind, no lack of ideas. We love cinema, many masterpieces have been created. So we have much material to be inspired by and to work on in the future. Or maybe we might  compose a soundtrack based on some book. Our direction was taken long time ago and we are thinking to continue on this interactive project, based on combining different kind of arts such as cinematography, music, literature.     

Thank you dear Stefania for your interview together with the crew of Radio Tempi Dispari

Thursday, 24 December 2015

Saturday, 19 December 2015

Review RanestRane H.A.L

Our friend Henri Strik from wrote a review about the new album H.A.L

I can only come to one conclusion. They made a true masterpiece with this release. Everything just falls into place on this CD.

You can read the review here

Thank you very much Henri for you review!

You can buy the new album at the RanestRane Store 
Buy your copy today!

Ranestrane - H.A.L. - A Space Odyssey - part two

01 - Jupiter Mission
02 - Discovery One
03 - Broadcast News
04 - Freddo Al Cuore
05 - AE35
06 - Spacewalk
07- La Perfezione Che Si Cerca
08 - Sonno Come Morte
09 - Buio intorno
10 - Computer Malfunction

Inspired by the masterpiece "2001 A Space Odyssey"
the new album - the second of a trilogy
1 cd set in jewel case

Review Concert RanestRane in Uden 6th of December.


Our friend Henri Strik of Background Magazine surprised us with a lovely review of the concert in Uden The Netherlands which was on the 6th of December.

The first set was for the brand new album H.A.L.. The music they would perform was almost completely new to me, because the album was on sale for the first time during this tour. Only their first tease (Spacewalk) on the band's first live release Monolith In Rome - A Space Odyssey Live (2015, see review) and a couple of video fragments on the internet revealed what I could expect.

Review click here

Roel Strik made video's during the show which you can see here below. 

Thank you Roel and Henri for your review and video's!! 
If you want to see more from RanestRane and other Italian progbands, take a look at Henri's website

Video's of Roel Strik


Monday, 14 December 2015

RanestRane in Milano 12th of December Casa Di Alex

To everything comes an end.....

The boys of RanestRane entered the finish-line in Milano, Casa Di Alex, after their first solo tour through Europe!

We are very proud about this fact and received so many positive vibes from fans all over the world!!

Stefania and Beatrice were our reporters during RR's last gig of this tour and gave us their permission to upload some of their pics to give you an impression about what happened in Milano. A review will follow very shortly! Photo Credits Stefania Fiaschi and Beatrice Barisani

Beatrice together with the boys!!

An another cake for the boys! 

The Golden Trio Stefania, Irene and Beatrice!!

Let's not forget Giorgio which drove our boys through Europe!!


Stefania with the band!!

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Review Concert Copenhagen the 4th of December

Robert wrote a review about the gig last weekend in Copenhagen! 
We had a great time in this city with much learning and discovering regarding the band and this concert. We truly hope that we can do this all over again :-)

Hereby some photo's regarding the concert:


The review of Robert:

Hi all

As promised the review about the RanestRane-show in Copenhagen at Friday the 4th of December 2015.
The event took place at a beautiful venue arranged by promoter Karsten Mortensen called Koncertkirken in Copenhagen.

The show

RanestRane kicked of with a beautiful intro which fitted perfectly. It took place in a church, what went on into the intro of the first song of H.A.L, the NEW album.
After the boys took their place on the stage, the "real thing" started, H.A.L in full length and power!
It took a few songs before the sound was good but during "Spacewalk" it got better and it was starting to get on "fire"!!!! The audience noticed that too and gave a warm applause after every played song, and that’s more than deserved due to the fact that H.A.L is a ”Masterpiece"!!! I will come with a review about HAL later. Without forgetting one of the other musicians, they are all four superb! The ballad "Buio Intorno" really made a ”marker" with Riccardo Romano on keyboards and Danny Pomo on vocals. But the passion and power they give to that song is just magnificent, magical!!!
The other song what really gave a thrill was ”Computer Malfunction”, here the band showed their skill on the instruments, combined with the Italian passion...."GRANDE"!!!!

After this the boys took a five minute break to come back with some of the older stuff starting with "Shining".
Kicking of with "Redrum" is by no means probably the best example about whats it all about with and movie....the classic scene of Jack breaking down the door with his axe, and Danny Pomo playing his drums. You just have to see that! I made a video of it, and it’s on You Tube called ’RanestRane Live in Copenhagen’!!! During this set I got the feeling the guys really where on fire and gave it all, great set in every way!

After this it was time for the more "Romantic and Classic”, Nosferatu.....
There just was "something" about this set, the music, Dracula, Lucy and all this played in a church.
It was almost if everybody was "in the music" and "in the movie" a strange vibe but good vibe, it just felt right!
I think a lot of RR fans have a "thing" for the Nosferatu album. Maybe because its their first, or maybe it’s the story.....but there is "something".

At the end it was time for some Monolith. Here the guys put’s on their best jacket and rocked the house!!! Leaving the audience with a standing ovation!!!

To return for an encore where some other Nosferatu pieces where played.

All good things come to an end… the audience loved it, and I talked to a lot of happy people after the show and got a lot of good and helpful feedback.

On a personal note;

Was it all perfect then? I asked myself......well probably not. Some things can be better or done different maybe,but it’s RR first European solo-tour. So there is probably a lot to learn too....
But for many of us, and them too, it’s a memory for life and a new experience where everybody has learned from, which can be helpful in the future.
One thing I do think we all have in common when it comes to this band: They deserve the best!!!! If they had unlimited resources to do it like they want it to??
Think BIG now!!......But until then its gonna be a "struggle" to survive in a "music-industry" where people hardly take the time anymore to listen to music.....sad but true..

But we will keep on supporting this magnificent band with whole our hearts and do our best to make it work out right!!!
Hoping to see you out there again at another RanestRane gig!!!

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

A few words from the band....

Our boys had a lovely weekend in Copenhagen, they were spoiled with presents and love from the Fanweb and Karsten Mortensen who arranged the concert in a beautiful church in Copenhagen!

Reviews and photo's will be uploaded soon!

After this amazing evening we received many kudos from the band and from Italy! Our family in Italy asked us to send them information and photo's during this weekend which we did!
We can't express ourselves with the right words at this moment as we are still shining....

The band has left us, they are on their way for more memories and concerts. We wish them much luck and we really hope that they will coming back to us in Scandinavia.

The boys left a note for us: Note from RanestRane

Words from us:

Thank you my dear beloved friends! Words cannot be found at this moment This is for us one of the 'shells' we found! Shells and memories We love you so much, the energy was magic, a new experience! Thank you for letting us step into your magical career which is called RanestRane! We will come back for more shells and memories somewhere! Thank you Karsten to give us this chance to have our boys nearby! Thank you my dear beloved Catia and Giorgio for the laughing and warm hugs! In our hearts forever!

Monday, 7 December 2015

Halloween with RanestRane and the Steven Rothery Band

Hi all!

Last month the boys supported the Steve Rothery Band in 3 places, Russelheim, Uden and Cologne where the lucky places. Unfortunately we were not there but we asked our friends to keep us updated during these 3 days and asked them to surprise us with photo's and small reviews!

We enjoyed all updates and we will show some of them!

Marjo Klingenberg (Uden)

Most of the time, when you are going to a gig, you are not looking forward tot he support act, because it’s the main act you want to see. But there are a few exceptions and one of them is the amazing RanestRane. The first time I saw them was over a year ago in Ulft when they were touring with the SRB and it was a jaw dropping experience. Second time I saw them during the Marillion Weekend PZ 2015 and again they were fantastic. The third time, true magic happend on stage in Roma together with Steve Hogarth, and they lifted the whole gig to a ridiculous high level. 

And then there was last Saturday 31 October in Uden, again as support act fort he SRB, but to be honest, RanestRane has passed the status of being a support act by far now. Normally the venue isn’t full yet when a support act starts, but it was full in Uden. Most of the time people don’t stop their conversations when a support act starts playing, instead they start talking louder, but at the moment RanestRane started playing Semi, you could hear a pin drop. 
The whole performance was just amazing (again) and according to the response of the the crowd they agreed. 
Is it a problem they don’t sing in English? Well, music is emotion and the Italian language (for me) is passion and emotion in one, so for me it even gives an extra dimension to the allready awesome music. Therefore I hope they wil never change this and keep singing in Italian.

Daniele Pomo, Riccardo Romano, Massimo Pomo and Maurizio Meo are passionate musicians from the highest level and they are getting better every time I see them. I can’t wait to see them again on December 6th when they are going to perform their new album H.A.L. If you haven’t seen them live before just buy a ticket, you are in for a real treat from an awesome band, and they deserve to be seen and heard and they deserve a ‘SOLD OUT’ sign on the venue of De Pul Uden.

Paul Kooijmans gave us some shots of his phone :-) He told us the following:
I'm not known with this band, but I loved what I heard! They received a huge applause which was well deserved!

Marco Keijzer also shared a photo as he couldn't resist to not take a few quicksnaps! 
He told us the following: I'm neither so very known with this band, I think I miss a front person or so, I cannot explain what I miss, but the music is lovely to hear and I'm really looking forward to the next album Monolith part 2! ( We told him that H.A.L. will be the part 2 ;-) And that it will be released very soon!)

Carolien van Goethem told us the following:

This was the 3th time I saw Ranestrane and I really enjoyed it. I don't understand Italian but their atmosphic music and lyrics took me away to dreamy street again. I loved to see them enjoying themselves on stage together. I am looking forward too their new album and hope too see them 6 dec in Uden again 

Christine Westbroek wrote us the following:

A Halloween night with RanestRane
Usually people try to scare the hell out of you at Halloween but this year I had a quite other experience. 
As a supportact for the Steven Rotheryband we got to see the Italian band RanestRane.
Four very nice guys who clearly enjoy to collaborate together and who performed the music from their first album Monolith, part 1 of a serie of three called A Space Odyssey.

On this night we heard the atmospheric and sometimes haunting sounds from the trip through space. 
Sometimes I got a feeling that I would like to hear some more vocals but on the other hand I think that they let us experience the emptiness and loneliness of space.
The compositions are really nice and the solo’s give space to all instruments and are showing the skills of all 4 bandmembers. 
I have to admit that I am not a great fan of supportacts because I have seen too many of them that I did not like at all but the 40 minutes RanestRane was playing were flying by and I really would have loved to hear more of them. 
Instead of scaring me they made me feel really happy that night. 
If you want to see this great band too then get your chance and go to see them in The Pul in Uden on 6 December. You are really in for a treat and you’ll get to hear more of them because this time they are not supporting an other band but playing a full gig. Don’t miss it!

Even our friend Kim Hostrup Hansen from Denmark went to one of the gigs! He went to Cologne and surprised us with a review and photo's! Even a familiar face of our Italian friend Irene! Hi dear Irene! :-)

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Fanweb Scandinavia on the Radio!

Hi all!

We received the request of Paul Stoutenberg to talk about RanestRane.

And so we did! Unfortunately the interview is in Dutch but I made a translation for you all in English!

You can hear the interview here

Hi Lilian

Hi Paul

So nice to have you on the phone from Sweden to tell us about RanestRane

Well thank you for the invite! With all love I will do this for you

You are a great fan of RanestRane and also close to the band right?

Yes, that’s correct, it all started during the Marillion Weekend last year in Port Zealand. After this convention I made the first contact and tried to turn the band into the spotlights. That did work! Which is very nice and there is a lot of love in this work, which led to a true friendship which I appreciate.
I really like to speak with you about the band.

RanestRane is formed since 1998 right?


You mentioned that the band are getting more attention, is this due the fact of the co-working together with Marillion?

Yes, on the album Monolith (where will will talk about later) they have Steven Rothery and Steven Hogarth as guest appearance. Also Rothery is the man who promote the band as wel me thinks as he took the boys with him during his solo tour. He is currently still busy with that as he will play as support for RanestRane in Italy tomorrow and the day after where they will promote the new album H.A.L and they also will play some Marillion songs.

But it’s not only Rothery but also Hogarth which helped the band with this project. He also sang in a few songs or actually spoke some lines in a few songs. But many Marillion fans will recognize this of course immediately. It’s respect for each other from both sides I think.

You said that they will play in Rome tomorrow?

Yes that’s correct! 

That will be the start of their tour through Europe where they will even stop for a gig in the Netherlands right?

Yes, they will be in Uden on the 6th of December at venue the Pul where they will present their Album HAL and they will play some other songs as well. But which songs… that’s a surprise.

So you do not know which songs will be played?

Hahaha no, I don’t know. I haven’t got the privilege to know that hahaha.

Well that is one reason more to join the gig in Uden on the 6th of December!


I mentioned before that the music really is impressive. I do believe that it will be even more impressive when you will see the band live isn’t it?

Well from my experience, I’ve seen them live last year 2014 in Copenhagen during the Rothery solo tour, I didn’t knew RanestRane, never heard of them either, but anyway, I was sitting at the first row and I was blown away by their talent. I didn’t understand a single word due the fact they sing in Italian, but the music really got their hooks in me.
4 talented guys were creating amazing music, and I was sold!

So I think that this might be the ’thing’ for most people when you hear and see them live on stage. You will be convinced by their emotion, their way of playing and so the rest doesn’t matter anymore. Their music is full of energy, emotion and passion.

Well I’m getting very curious and will go to the gig in Uden on the 6th od December that for sure. The first song I played was from the first album Nosferatu. From which year is this album? 

Ehh let’s think, this album was released in 2007 and is based on the movie of Werner Herzog Nosferatu perhaps better known for the older people with the name Dracula.

I am one of them…


If you will see and hear this live, is there also a screen where you will see the movie or not?

Well if RanestRane has the possibility to show the movie on screen, which is possible 9 of 10 times, they will do that. The movie will be shown on the background, so they can show you their story better. The music and emotions will be heard. The music will lead you through the movie and the movie will lead you through the music. 

There will be not so many people being familiar with the movie Nosferatu but the movie The Shining will be more known. And that is the second album right?

Yes, the movie with Jack Nicholson as main actor, where he plays a person which is getting psychological pressure. And I think this album is also psychedelic actually.

I will play the song Incubo of the album the Shining. Which scene of the movie do I need to think of?

Incubo…. let’s think…. I think Incubo shows the part in the movie where Jack get’s the first psychological problems….yeah I think so….

Alright! I will play this song now, and will get back to you after this song.


We have played the second song of 4 now which is called Incubo from the album The Shining.
If I’m right, this is also an album which contains 2 cd’s right?

Yes that’s correct

If you put these albums next to each other, do you hear any development?

Yes, my opinion says that there is development. Yesterday I had a little chat with Riccardo Romano the keyboard player, Nosferatu was released in 2007. It took 3 years to write this album. Riccardo told me that they were very young at that time, they were ’searching’ and in full development. The songs were shorter, but they learned a lot about the writing.
They had the same project with the Shining, I think this is really their ’kind of thing’, producing a kind of soundtrack to a movie in their own style. They tried to make the songs a bit longer, but the problem is that you are bound on the different scenes in a movie. You can’t write a song of 10 minutes in a scene which only takes 5 minutes. In that time perhaps something completely also is going on…. 
But the boys are telling that they see development through all those years. I agree, I think you can hear it as wel as it’s more progressive and more empathy. The Shining is one of my favorite albums.

But the boys of Marillion were not involved by these first 2 albums right?

No, this was RanestRane’s project and goal I think. If we take Daniele Pomo, he loves books and stories and movies. He is the one who is addicted to these kind of things.
Marillion came later in the spotlights, but that is an another story.

I spoke with you before and you mentioned the name of the drummer Daniele Pomo, he is also the singer of the band right?


But that’s difficult I think?

Yes, he told somewhere that he is from beginning a drummer and actually he didn’t want to sing, because it didn’t felt natural to him. Though, after much practicing and learning the best technical parts in drumming and combine this with singing made it different for him. He made improvements in music and he could put his emotions in music by singing which gives him a good feeling and makes him happy.

I have seen Marillion several times and well if we see Steve Hogarth, he is an eye catcher. I mean the music of RanestRane is fantastic but to watch RanestRane, might that be not a little bit static?

Well I agree for a small part I think. I think that RanestRane might need to think about their set up on stage, because this ’problem’ or if you want to call it problem, people are wondering who is singing. That’s not weird of course as Daniele is most of the time hiding behind his drumkit and cymbals but I think that the set up on stage might do difference when people can see him. Also I hope that Daniele might come in front of the stage as there are some songs on the new album without any drums. So people might see the singer of the band :-)

Well the boys are growing and are getting a bit more famous of course, I can imagine they think: We will see what is happening..

Exactly, they received so many positive reactions after the Marillion Weekend 2015 of fans and new fans and of Marillion as well! I understood that at the moment the boys were on stage, they thought that Marillion was preparing their selves for the concert that evening, that was not the fact… Marillion was watching RanestRane from backstage and they told the boys that they never had seen so many people applauding for a support act as that evening!
And so the boys received a boost to believe in their project, and to keep on going! And that’s of course very pleasant to hear!

Yes, I can imagine that! I want to go further to the third album A Space Odyssey, I believe it’s a part of trilogy? 

Yes correct! It’s an album based on the movie A Space Odyssey.

Well David Bowie based his song also on that album right?

Ehh I think so hahahaha I’m not very updated regarding David Bowie background hahahaha
But I know that Roger Waters of Pink Floyd uses a scene of this movie in one of his songs


Hahah That’s what I know, but Bowie? No idea!

But anyway, the will split this movie in 3 parts, and the first album is also called A Space Odyssey right or ,no, wait it’s called Monolith. When was this album released?

This album was released in november 2013. And on the studio version you will hear English spoken parts and also the voice of Steven Hogarth and the guitar solo of Steven Rothery.

Materna Luna is the one which I will play soon.

Yes that the one with Rothery, And they also have a live version which contains Italian spoken parts.

Okay, and do you hear again differences between this album and the others? Because Marillion is involved in this album.

Marillion is involved as support, it’s a completely different album, an another genre, not that romantic as Nosferatu, not that psychodelic as The Shining but more space! More keyboard sounds. I think Monolith and also H.A.L are Riccardo albums.

I want to listen!

Me too!

Alright, I will play Materna Luna with Steven Rotary as support!


So and that was Materna Luna with the fantastic guitar player Steven Rothery of Marillion

I mentioned that the album is released already in Japan but not for the rest of the world. Are the boys of RanestRane that popular in Japan?

Well to make a long story short…
They played in 2013 on the Italian Prog Rock Festival where they played together with l Rovescio della Medaglia which is an Italian Prog rock band. They played together with an orchestra the album Contaminazione, hopefully I say it right, which was released in 1973. This was at the festival in Tokyo. There is also a fan which has her own website like me. So yeah they are popular there as well.

Very Special!

Well Progrock lives also in Japan! No matter which language!

Yes, as we speak about the language, it’s not an easy language to understand. Has the band never thought about to write in English?

No they haven’t! Point 1: English is not their mother language, they don’t speak this language for perfect 100% either, therefore they cannot express theirselves either. They cannot give 100% as they want to, when they need to write in English.
They are saying: We are RanestRane, we are from Italy, and we want to show our emotions in our own language! And I agree with that completely!
I mean, take the Marillion Weekend as example. 3 days of music, more than 50 different countries, I’m 100% sure that some of them doesn’t speak or understands English but love Marillion anyway….

Yes, but I’m sure that there are more people speaking English than Italian…

Yes that’s true, but it’s the music which needs to get the hooks in you!!

Yes sure, absolutely!

And that’s their goal! And I completely respect that! If RanestRane will write in English, they will not be RanestRane anymore… they will not have the possibility to put their emotions in the music which they normally do…..

The Album H.A.L is not released yet worldwide besides Japan, but with the support of RanestRane and you we have the possibility to hear 2 songs!

Yes indeed!

Do you know only these 2 songs or the complete album?

I know the whole album

So you are the ones besides Japan who knows?
Can you give a tiny impression?

Yes, it’s called H.A.L, named after the computer in the movie. It’s a romantic album, it’s warmer, less conversations and singing, but it gets YOU!
The first time of listening, I got tears in my eyes, how can they do this…
I was not the only one, the boys also had their tears during writing the album. So much emotion, so much passion… they are playing all their own role which you can hear clearly.

Definitely the best album of RanestRane!

I think you made RanestRane fans curious and also other listeners. I can imagine that people want to see RR live.

Well it’s my advice to do so! Let’s get surprised in Uden!

You will not be there…

No, but in fact I would love to meet Dutch fans perhaps in Copenhagen where I will be on the 4th of December!
It’s even the release date of H.A.L. Time for party!

You will be there?

Yes! Together with the promoter in Denmark, we managed to get the boys to Scandinavia! And as a big plus: The release date of H.A.L!!

Well I want to wish you much fun on the 4th of December, thank you for your chat about RanestRane! 

Thank you!

We will now listen to the song Computer Malware. It’s the premiere!