Monday 29 February 2016

RanestRane back on stage 14th of May in Aprilia

We are happy to see the boys of RanestRane back on stage again!
Safe the date: 14th of May 2016 in Aprilia Italy

Tickets available very soon, for more info check

Monday 22 February 2016

Official International Fanclub RanestRane

Dear all, 

we think it's time to give birth to the International Fan Club of RanestRane. We have the team to work on it, we have ideas to become real. Are you interested in taking part as members? 
If you are, please send an email to and we will contact you asap 

What does this mean for Fanweb Scandinavia?

Fanweb Scandinavia is proud about the fact to be involved in the official fanclub and will keep you updated as usual. Nothing will change from our side.

Can we subscribe Fanweb Scandinavia for membership of the official fanclub?

We prefer that new members will contact the official fanclub directly to avoid delays and also the fact to have the administration at one place. The email address of the fanclub:

Fanweb Scandinavia will stay open for the fans worldwide and of course we can answer your questions as well but, regarding questions about membership, we need to ask you to send your email to the official fanclub.