Friday 9 August 2019

RanestRane Weekend 8th and 9th of May 2020 Cervia

RanestRane announced the dates for the RanestRane weekend 2020 in Cervia.

The RanestRane Weekend will be in Cervia (Italy) on the 8th and 9th of May 2020

More info available soon.
Meanwhile, save the date and enjoy an excerpt of what happened last year :-)

Link: RanestRane Weekend

New projects!

RanestRane reveiled their secrets to Whiskey Soda magazine during the Night of the Prog Festival which can be found here

**We wrote new music and dealt with a very well known war movie. May we betray that? "

Whiskey soda is one of the first magazines to tell you something about the new RanestRane projects. The well-known war film is of course Francis Ford Coppola's Vietnam masterpiece "Apocalypse Now". The film from the 70s came later in an extended "Redux version" again in the movie theaters and was recently brought to a new anniversary edition as a so-called "Final Cut" with improved image and sound quality again in selected cinemas. Martin Sheen's cinematic journey into the jungle and the abysmal madness of the war is therefore the new inspiration for the Italians, and one can be very excited about the result.

But that's not all. The creative musicians have another secret in their hands. "We are currently working on another project. It will be a 'CineConcert' that deals with the Alan Parker adaptation of Pink Floyd's 'The Wall'. Now we have revealed two secrets. We will interpret the Pink Floyd music and use our own music for the parts in the film that are so far without music. "Again, the music will be perfectly synchronized to the film.**

RanestRane at the Night of the Prog Loreley

Hi all!

RanestRane joined the madness at the Night of the Prog festival XIV in Loreley Germany on the 21st of July and they rocked the show!

An interview by Whiskey Soda Magazine can be found here: interview **unfortunately written in German language**

A lovely footage of the concert:

Some lovely photo's of the gig

Photo credits Valter Boati, Gerianne Brenters and Bodo Kubatzki