Thursday 28 January 2016

Reviews about RanestRane

Here you can find links to reviews about RanestRane and their albums.*

From the Netherlands

Progvisions: Nosferatu
Progpraat: H.A.L MonolithA Space Odyssey 
Backgroundmagazine: Write RanestRane in the search field:-)

From Japan

Yoshiko Prog Blog

From Sweden

Lilian's Corner: The Shining
Metallbibliotekarierna: RanestRane

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Thursday 14 January 2016

RanestRane live on stage in Rome 12th of February

Dear friends,

RanestRane will be back on stage again in Rome on the 12th of February. This time together with the Marillion tribute band Neverland from Italy. Neverland is also on Facebook where you can find all information about this amazing tribute band Neverland Facebook

More information about the concert can be found here